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I collaborated with Tim Burgess and Rega to design a Limited Edition turntable

To celebrate the Vinyl Adventures Record Fair in Manchester organised by Tim Burgess, Rega produced a very special edition of their

multi-award winning Planar 1 turntable. Limited to just 10 units, the turntables are emblazoned with a piece of custom artwork designed by myself.

Limited edition of 10 Planar 1 turntables will be produced

Each turntable is signed by Tim Burgess

"I’ve worked with Gail on a couple of projects after seeing her amazing work online. The record player and slip mats she designed for Rega were beautiful. Can’t wait until the next time we collaborate on something" Tim


"We had the pleasure of working with Gail last November. Gail’s unique style was added to one of our turntable designs for a charity event in Manchester organised by Tim Burgess called Vinyl Adventures. Rega have produced many special editions over the years, but Gail’s version was by far the most popular we have ever produced. Wonderful colours and striking designs throughout all of her work, we cant wait to work with Gail again in the future."

Simon Webster Sales and Marketing Co-ordinator Rega Research Ltd.

Rega turntable
Vinyl Adventures turntable
Tim Burgess turntable
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