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What is Surface Pattern Design?

"So what is this thing you call surface pattern design, Gail?"

This is a question I'm often asked.

In short, surface pattern design is the creation of artwork and designs that can be applied to a surface to enhance its appearance.

From fabric and wallpaper to notebooks, phone cases and homewares.

When you think about it, surface pattern is everywhere!

If you look around you'll probably see plenty of examples.

Surface pattern design is primarily the creation of seamless repeating patterns.

A small block of the design is created and when repeated it will seamlessly go on for ever so you wouldn’t be able to see where the repeat started or finished.

The design can then be applied to any surface.

A design doesn't always have to repeat to be a surface pattern design. A placement print is a stand alone design that can be added to a surface. Good examples of this are designs for greeting cards, notebooks and phone cases.

Here's a few more examples of my surface pattern designs in use.

I hope that has gone a little way to explain what I do.

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